Creating Extraordinary Happiness and Fulfillment

Space is limited!

Do you ever go to bed thinking “I just can’t do this anymore.
There’s got to be a better way!”

Is your mundane life leaving you feeling like there’s got to be more than this?

Do you pretend like your life is perfect when it’s really a chaotic mess and
you’re barely surviving on auto-pilot?

Are you tired of being insignificant and being forced to be last in your life?

What could you accomplish if you believed you were unstoppable?

ME FIRST! Finally Creating Extraordinary Happiness and Fulfillment

For Women Only! Space is limited! 

Program beginning March 8th.
Retreat March 28-31 in Idaho Springs, CO.

Life is hard enough.  You deserve to have it be easier and feel more supported.
What if you knew how to:

Speak up with confidence in your relationship?

Feel completely courageous starting tricky and potentially explosive conversations?

Put yourself first without feeling guilty?

On a daily basis it doesn’t always work this way.
Have you ever had a day where nothing seems to go right and you just need a good cry?

Or know that life has so much more to offer than your daily grind?
As women, we’ve all been there…but how do we move past the pain and into happiness?

Imagine the feeling of being completely fulfilled…knowing you’ve created the extraordinary life you’ve dreamed of.


Me First! Finally Creating Extraordinary Happiness and Fulfillment

Online Program and In-Person Retreat

Program Beginning March 8, 2019
Mar 28-31, Idaho Springs, CO

By combining innovative, spiritual and practical techniques you’ll learn how to feel comfortable taking powerful steps forward in your life, tune into your intuition and listen to your real direction forward.

Leading up to the weekend, you’ll participate in 3 online programs to prepare you for the in-person experience. 

You’ll finally know how  you want to feel in your extraordinary life and how to make that happen.

Spend a weekend connecting and bonding with like minded women. Feel supported and become part of a close-knit community of women passionate about making positive change in their life. Feel that sense of belonging that only a tribe of women can create. 

At the end of our program and weekend, you’ll be profoundly changed. You’ll recognize the incredible shifts you made from the old self to the new, courageous, empowered you. You’ll have identified your top reasons why your life isn’t working and remove any hidden self-sabotage to creating and living your extraordinary life. 

What if you had the ability to SEE THE CHALLENGES COMING
and handle them with ease?

This is the most exceptional and effective personal breakthrough program and retreat created for women.

If you want to breakthrough your mundane life and learn to live everyday exactly as you want to, these workshops and retreat is for you.

If you desire connect and bonding with like-minded women and being part of a community, this is for you!

Living life like our mothers did is no longer optional for women today. Knowing how to navigate our life and relationships can seem daunting and sometimes unattainable.

Our life is created through our beliefs; that the mind, body, spirit connection is actually real and that we are the creators of our life!

Our society is operating from an archaic view that in order to be a woman today we must “harmonize and keep the peace rather than asking for what want.”  We often think “I don’t want to be rude” or that “it would be too aggressive and I’ll be perceived as bitchy if I ask for what I really want. “

Society tells us as women we don’t know quite yet know how to trust our intuition or know how to create real change in our life. We’re told by society the body we have isn’t good enough, we’re not smart enough, we don’t really know what we want, we better settle for what we have.  And we are pitted against each other. WRONG!!!

As women, we love to bond. We crave the sense of knowing the women around us support us with love and without judgement. We naturally desire to build trust and connection and we crave close friendships.

What if you could reprogram your fears, doubts, and challenges, so you were able to show up each day with the courage and confidence that you are living your life to its fullest and on your terms ?  What if you had all the tools to create the incredible relationship you’ve always desired? What if you finally realized your personal life is exactly the bliss you’ve been craving?

Throughout the program you’ll learn how to change your limiting beliefs that create these patterns in your mind and imprint the new beliefs to create the life you desire.

You’ll have a breakthrough – you’d be putting ME FIRST!

Meet Your Host Tara Davis

Creator of the The Relationship Playbook for Marriage

After many incredible ups and downs with my partner I realized it was up to me to create the marriage, relationship and life of my dreams. In overcoming all my own objections (aka finger-pointing, blaming,avoidance, and denial ), changing my beliefs of what I thought a marriage was suppose to be, and learning how to effectively speak and be heard by my husband, I rekindled the intimacy I thought was lost.

I’ve created the Me FIRST! Finally Creating Extraordinary Happiness and Fulfillment women’s only program and  retreat to give you the courage, knowledge and confidence to create the extraordinary life you know you’re here to live.

Here’s what You’ll Learn and Experience During Our In-Depth Program and Profound Weekend Retreat:

Where your boundaries are and aren’t and how to clearly set them

  • You’ll learn the incredible reasons why it’s so important to have personal boundaries.
  • Discover why others have more respect for when you tell them NO!

Become aware of all the ways Codependency has crept into your life.

  • Discover where you’ve been giving your power away to everyone around you. 
  • Learn how to let go of others opinions.

Get Really Clear on What you want your life to look like and why.

  • Find out what kind of relationship you really want and how to get it. 
  • Overcome your fear of asking for EXACTLY what you want.

Find the habits that are holding you back from living your extraordinarily fabulous life.

  • You’ll learn how to discover the limiting beliefs you’ve been carrying around. 
  • Get the step by step method of creating new beliefs.

Trust Your Feelings.

  • You’ll go through an incredible transformation during our retreat. 
  • You’ll learn how to master your emotions and create confidence when expressing yourself to your loved one.

What it means to put yourself first

  • You’ll discover the subtle ways you self-sabotage in order to NOT put yourself first. 
  • You’ll learn why you choose to create resentment and frustration rather than speaking up.

ME FIRST! Finally Creating Extraordinary Happiness and Fulfillment

Your online workshops begin March 8th

Retreat Dates:  March 28-31

Location:Idaho Springs, Colorado

Custom designed Log Home, including outdoor hot tub




Pay Only one payment of $1297 and receive Lodging, Meals, Materials, 3 online workshops leading up to the event and a  group check-in meeting 1 week after.  Plus a private session with Tara following the retreat.

Two payments of $775  Lodging, Meals, Materials, 3 online workshops leading up to the event and a group check-in meeting 1 week after.

Bring a friend and receive a $250 discount!

Airport & Travel

Denver International Airport (DIA)

Please plan to arrive before 3pm for the transportation to the retreat. Those arriving later will need to arrange their own transportation to the lodge.

Webinar Registration

Stop the Self Judgement! Learn to Accept Yourself!

Tuesday, Feb. 12th 7:00 pm

Wednesday, Feb. 20th 11:00 am

Wednesday, Feb. 27th 12:00 pm

Retreat Schedule

Friday, March 29th

8-9   Breakfast

9-[10:30]   Module 1

[10:30] – 11   Break

11 – [12:30]    Module 2

[12:30][1:30]   Lunch

[1:30] – 3   Module 3

3-[3:30]   Break

[3:30] – 5   Module 4

5 – 6   Time for Yourself

6-7   Dinner

7-8   Group Activity

Saturday, March 30th

8-9   Breakfast

9-[10:30]   Module 5

[10:30] – 11   Break

11 – [12:30]    Module 6

[12:30][1:30]   Lunch

[1:30] – 3   Module 7

3-[3:30]   Break

[3:30] – 5   Module 8

5 – 6   Time for Yourself

6-7   Dinner

7-8   Group Activity

All nights – Try out the hot tub, journal, chat with your tribe

Sunday, March 31st

8-9   Breakfast

[10:30] – 11   Leave for Airport

To Register: 

Stop the Judgement! Learn to Accept Yourself!

During this Free Webinar you'll learn 3 Major Secrets to Self Acceptance.  Accepting yourself means acknowledging where you are right now and knowing you want to go further.  Having self acceptance means finally creating better relationships with your lover, your family, your children and the world.  Sign up today!

I look forward to "seeing" you on the webinar!