When I decided to make Self-Care this week’s topic I thought…blah blah blah. Who wants to listen to self-care?  

Then I let go of that ridiculous voice and got on with the task at hand… thinking about how self-care should be all-consuming! And realizing that I needed to hear this just as much as you do.

As I started tapping into the ways we take care of ourselves, I realized how it actually happens all day long, not just when we think about a “Spa Day.”

Self-Care is how we move through our entire day.  

It shows up in our health, the food we eat, our exercise, the amount of fun in our day, relationships, work, sleep, play…

When you really think about it, self-care is happening 24/7, 365.  It encompasses us. We’re either taking care of ourselves or we’re not.  

We’re either really loving our bodies or we’re not. We’re either loving ourselves as a humans or we’re not. Self-care is literally taking care of ourselves every moment of everyday.

The way we treat ourselves sets the stage for how we allow others to treat us.    

Take a look how we allow others to treat us.  Do we make it a requirement that others treat us with love and respect or do we allow them to take us for granted and speak to us with disrespect?

How we care for ourselves is a direct reflection of how others will treat us. Speaking up for how we wish to be treated means we’re taking care of ourselves. WE are responsible for how others act towards us and speak to us. If we don’t like what’s coming at us, it’s up to us to change it or move in a different direction. We get to be clear on how we want others to treat us.

So it’s incredibly important that we’re clear on how we treat ourselves.

Gone are the old thoughts that self-care means a day at the spa or a massage or reading a book or having our nails done. These can be part of our lives. They allow our bodies to maintain health and balance. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Self-care is balancing our lives in all aspects body, mind and spirit.

When our minds and bodies are balanced, our health and well-being are balanced.  

And when this is balanced, self-care is our act of love and kindness to ourselves. It’s self-care!


Watch today’s video and podcast and let me know how you take care of yourselves. Is this a radical new thing to think about… self-care happens every minute of the day? Or have you been on this train for a while.

Leave your comments and let’s start a dialog on how you love the most important being on the planet… YOU!