Last week’s blog and video was all about self-care and the opportunities that show up for us every day.  

Several weeks ago, I had a situation present itself to really practice what I preach.  

I arranged to share a room at a seminar with a lady who I knew only from our online meetings. We hadn’t met in person.

When we met I immediately realized our energies were different. They were actually kinda crashing and bumping against each other. I wasn’t looking at it from the point of either of us being right or wrong… just recognizing we weren’t vibing together and that there was a definite difference between us.

I was curious how this was going to work rooming together. When we got to the hotel it was really apparent our energies just weren’t working and I needed to get another room.

Here’s where the lesson came in.  

The old me would’ve wanted to push all this aside and just stay in the room we’d booked. I wouldn’t have felt strong enough to face whatever reaction she might have delivered to my response of bailing on our reservation.  

I had no idea how she would act. And truthfully, it’s none of my business how she responds. My job is to take care of me, whatever that looks like. It’s one key piece I teach.  

We are here to take care of us. How others to respond to us when we’re being truthful isn’t our business. We DO NOT take personally someone else’s reaction.

Now, the new me who’s all about taking care of herself knew I had to put my big girl panties on and talk about what was going on.  And, figure out another room.

As we sat together for a few minutes I told her I had a knot forming in my stomach. And a few other physical reactions. I didn’t know exactly what was causing them, I just knew our vibrations were different from each other and I needed to take care of me.

Her reaction to me bailing on the room was actually easy. She didn’t feel rejected or dismissed or wrong. Confused maybe, but not in a bad way. She saw it for what it was.

And that’s that. I called a friend, asked if she could share her bed and voila! Done.  I took care of me.

It would have been so easy for either of us to take the negative road.  

But it wasn’t the road I wanted to take.

What a gift she gave me. She gave me the opportunity to speak up for myself and take care of my needs. I’m actually grateful the situation presented itself. I feel stronger within.

And there’s more to the story. Listen to the podcast or watch the video for another lesson I learned.  

And leave a comment below. How are you taking care of yourself in less-conventional ways?