Remember the close bond you and your partner once had?

Is the playfulness and warmth out of your relationship?
Do you argue over the small stuff and never quite resolve the issue?

It doesn’t have to be this way!


You’re positive your life and marriage could be so much more!

You are certain there are things about your relationship you’d like to change but not sure where to start?

You know the overwhelm you’re in right now surely isn’t suppose to be.

Learn how to stop the overwhelm and start having more fun.

It’s all about you!

Create space to talk where you both feel heard and respected.

6 Week Relationship Reset

Need a reset in your marriage?

Do you walk on eggshells to avoid arguments?

Does your communication get derailed by the bickering?

Is it easier to stay silent than to speak up?

Stop walking on egg shells.

Understand what’s not working.

Learn to communicate with your partner and feel safe speaking up.

Create space to talk where you both feel heard and respected.

6 Month Relationship Playbook

Is your relationship with your partner not what it used to be?

Do you think divorce is the only option left?

Have you become roommates instead of partners?

Let’s stop the distance and the arguments!

Take back your love life!

Enjoy weekends alone again!

Meet Tara

I  work with busy professional couples who are exhausted and overwhelmed by family, marriage and commitments. I help them bring back the intimacy in their relationship, create more personal time for fun, and teach them to communicate on a level that both partners are heard and appreciated.

After many incredible ups and downs with my partner I realized it was up to me to create the marriage and relationship of my dreams. In overcoming all my own objections (aka  finger-pointing, blaming, and avoidance), changing my beliefs of what I thought a marriage was suppose to be, and learning how to effectively speak and be heard by my husband, I rekindled the intimacy I thought was lost. 

 I’ve created The Relationship Playbook for Marriage not only to give my clients the tools to bring intimacy, connection, and playfulness back into their marriage but also to create precious me-time for each partner.

Yes! I Want More Intimacy!

Stop the Judgement! Learn to Accept Yourself!

During this Free Webinar you'll learn 3 Major Secrets to Self Acceptance.  Accepting yourself means acknowledging where you are right now and knowing you want to go further.  Having self acceptance means finally creating better relationships with your lover, your family, your children and the world.  Sign up today!

I look forward to "seeing" you on the webinar!